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Angela Denise is a Bajan-American artist based in NYC and NJ. Her artistic style is based upon the creation of abstract art by utilizing the pour/paint method and use of mixed media for her work which features bold colors and graphic images that pop off the canvas.  She uses art as an outlet to both heal from both traumatic events in her life, as well as a celebration of euphorically happy ones.
Angela began sketching as a child but began painting for the first time in earnest in August 201 as a way to relax and deal with chronic joint pain from Beals Syndrome, and intense migrainesfrom Chiari Malformation 1, which ultimately led to brain surgery in 2019 resulting from this rare condition. Since the surgery, through daily painting, her art has continued to evolve as she refines her artistic style as a way to share uplifting and positive messages. At this stage of her growth, Angela is excited to see where this artistic journey takes her. In addition to being an artist, Angela has also been a childhood educator for the past twenty-six years. She considers sharing her passion with her young students as an incredibly fulfilling experience. She aspires to give a voice to young artists of colors by eventually obtaining a venue that provides a space and resources for them to showcase their creativity and voice.