Brooke Lusardi, Where the Pigeons are Better Fed than the Humans, 2021.
A chubby pigeon with a leftover piece of soft pretzel… comical upon first
glance, this painting is a commentary on how in the most idealized city,
the birds are better fed than the humans. The buildings in the background
are dripping and glistening in gold paint to represent the beautiful
façade of the city. People often fail to realize what is really going on
as they’re distracted by the physical appeal of New York, New York.
16x20 inches; acrylic paints on canvas.
Price: $555

Brooke Lusardi, Champion Shorts, 2021.
20x16 inches; acrylic paints on unstretched canvas, framed.
Price: $555

Brooke Lusardi, South of Slope, 2022.
The façade of New York, New York fails to tell the whole story, the truth.
Below the park, trash overwhelms the sidewalks. Government officials make
sure a very specific population is content, while failing to meet even the
most basic needs of others.
16x12 inches; acrylic paints on canvas.
Price: $555